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Microsoft Band apps and Health Dashboard getting the ax on May 31 It can also send notifications via a smartphone by way of a gentle vibration. The device launched in October with the improved Band 2 following exactly a year later. But in the fall of , Microsoft announced it had sold out of the tracker and had no plans to make any more. The decision came at around the same time as the launch of the Apple Watch, which had fitness trackers very much in its sights, while competitors such as Fitbit were already enjoying decent sales with their own offerings.

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Microsoft Band support is ending: Here’s what to do next

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As with the first band it can be difficult to read a letterbox screen that runs across your wrist. You are always reading upside down - unless you wear the Band 2 upside down, so to speak. There are two buttons: Home and Action.

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These live at the bottom of the touchscreen. These match the brushed silver finish of the trim, are easy to fine and have a satisfying level of travel and feedback. There are three variables in terms of size of Band 2: we found that we could make both Medium and Large fit and feel comfortable, so there is something for every wrist here. And overall we are impressed with the build quality and design of the Band 2. We do wish it was waterproof, though. Microsoft says it is splash proof, but for now if you like to swim or shower that is your time to charge the Band 2.

See all wearable tech reviews. Key to the success of the Microsoft Band 2 is its curved display. Measuring 32 x You wouldn't compare the Band 2's display to that of a smartphone. Or, at least, you wouldn't compare it favourably. At this size that would be daft, and anyway it exists to show off data: words and numbers, not images. As such it is perfectly fit for purpose, without being battery draining. Even when tramping the mean streets of Surrey, sweat in our eyes, we could always see distance, heart rate and speed data at a glance. The touchscreen is responsive and there is no obvious pixellation, either.

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Good job Microsoft. The Band 2 is an fitness aid that tracks heart rate, calorie burn and sleep quality. Out of the box it can work as a pedometer, and to track and record running, cycling, gym workouts and golf. But Microsoft is also keen that other providers jump in and add other sports and activities. Also see: Best GPS watch for running.

Microsoft Band 2 Unboxing and Setup!

The Microsoft Band 2 provides notifications of incoming email, tests and calender alerts. You can get it to add other notifications such as WhatsApp messages, too if you want no down time at all. Each aspect of the Band 2's feature set is accessed via a tile from the simple interface.

Any questions?

Microsoft will certainly be releasing a wrist-worn wearable to keep up with Android Wear and the impending Apple iWatch. Microsoft looks set to join the race for your wrist with its very own smartwatch. A Microsoft patent has appeared showing what the device may look like. Forgot your password? Want to know more? These are the best fitness trackers that money can buy in Via 9to5Mac. The screen has no scratches and the band contains minor marks as it has been used.

You can rearrange these tiles, and add third-party notifications such as Twitter and Facebook. There are multiple sensors in the Band 2, including GPS, and always on optical heart rate sensor, a barometer to measure your elevation and - new to this device - a UV sensor to nudge you when your skin is getting burnt. It isn't a big deal right now, you might think, but often the most damage is done when you think it isn't sunny.

The Microsoft Band 2 connects to your phone via Bluetooth 4. You install the Microsoft Health app to access insights into your activity and lifestyle based on the data gathered by your Band. Microsoft claims around 48 hours of in-use battery life for the Band 2, which has a lithium polymer battery. We can't benchmark it in the same way as we can a smartphone, so I can only speak to my own experiences of using the Band 2. In short: 48 hours is about right.

I tend to charge it for half an hour or so when I am in the shower and getting ready every other morning.

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It charges quick: Microsoft claims a full charge in one and a half hours, but I found that a half an hour burn gets it up to around 80 percent charged. And that will do for a day or two, a day or two in which I walk to the station and then to the office, receive emails all day long, and almost always go for a run or a bike ride. So although a wearable feels like it should last for a week or more, we can't really quibble with the Band 2's battery life. It is fit for purpose.

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And as it synchs with your smartphone via Bluetooth, I guarantee the phone will run out before the Band does. Which is in itself an issue. This is weird. But I have to be honest. I love the feature set of the Band and the Band 2. I find that wearing a device which puts on my body notifications about incoming email and texts actually makes me more present in the real world Perhaps this is exclusive to me, but I receive so much boring and work-related information every day that I find it impossible not to constantly take out my phone and stare into its brightly lit abbyss.

When I am wearing the Band 2 life gets simpler. I can dismiss with a swipe any email, text or call which doesn't require immediate response hint: this is almost all of them. Furthermore, the haptic feedback that tells me a calender event is 10 minutes away lets me concentrate in the office, safe in the knowledge that I am not about to miss a meeting or a meal. I don't want to be able to respond on my wristwatch: I have a smartphone from which to compose and send emails. But being able to triage messages on the hoof is actually relaxing to me. I should point out that you can send a series of pre-written messages such as 'I will call you later', which may be useful to you.

I am aware that praising the lack of a feature as a positive makes me sound like a glassy eyed true believer who is blind to the Band 2's faults. Perhaps that is the case. The fact is that if you want a smartwatch that replicates all of the functions of your smartphone, the Band 2 is not it.

Not at all.